Winter Programms

Southern Triangle

Southern Triangle

With snowmobiles along the ice of Baikal


Period: February – March

Distance: 150 km

Duration: 2 days / 1 night



Listvyanka → Tunnels of the Old Baikal Railway → Sneznaya (Snowy) River (Warm lakes) → Kadilnyi Cape → Listvyanka


Siberia in winter is a Fairy tale.…

Winter BaikalSiberia  in winter is a Fairy tale.…  it's hard to find a proper word to describe all the winter beauty and might of this tremendous land! Winter air is fresh and still, pristine Taiga forest stretches far beyond the horizon and ice-covered Baikal shimmers in the sun.

Winter tours at Baikal are for those who prefer adventures and want to get some rest from hustle and bustle of life.Image

Many people who were at Baikal in summer want to come back in winter.  There are a lot of travel-opportunities at Baikal in winter.  When the Lake gets frozen, remote areas become accessible and one can travel for days on this immense ice floe on skies, in dog sledges, by snowmobiles, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle), by airbag boats or on foot.

   It's all up to your preferences!