Jackpot (The Him Remix) Mp3 Download

Artist : Jocelyn Alice
Jackpot (The Him Remix)

Jackpot (The Him Remix) Lyric

I've waited so long to know
If your hand will take me home
Your next move is always slow
Now I can't wait anymore

Don't wanna go, don't wanna stay, don't wanna make a change
Don't wanna show, don't wanna cheat, don't wanna hesitate
Don't wanna hold, don't wanna bust, don't wanna raise
Don't wanna fold, don't wanna bluff I kinda like this game

All that I think about day and night
Is having you in my dream life
Imma' hit the jackpot right

You're faking like you're on top
Why can't we just split the pot?
We're suited and the dealers not
This showdown it'll never stop


We be winning like the pot got hot
We be winning like the cash gon' rain
we be winning we gon' do it again